Moluccan Cockatoo or Cacatua moluccensis

As the name implies, this bird comes from the spice islands, Moluccas Islands, Indonesia.

Moluccan Cockatoo body length between 40-50 cm. This bird has pink tuft and feathers. Eyelids white. Black colored beak. Movement is slow. Distribution includes Seram, Saparua, and Haruku Island contained in the Moluccas.

Population status

Moluccan Cockatoo of living in the lowlands between 100-1200 m asl in the area of primary lowland forest.

Its population has declined steadily and now numbers about 8,000 are expected to stay just the tail.

One reason for the declining population because of the trade that ever reach 5000 larvae per year in 1981-1985.

Now this kind of vulnerable and put in an appendix I of CITES. This species is protected under Indonesia Government Regulation No. 7/1999.

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